Vassa Eggen Art by Christian Saldert

Christian Saldert (born 1977) studied at the Royal academy of art in Stockholm (Kungliga Konsthögskolan) and at Central Saint Martins in London. He works with oil paint and screen printing techniques but uses motifs found exclusively on the internet. From a philosophical point of view he explores the themes of life by remodeling existing images, symbolic values taken from the overexploited world of images that was created by the progressive 1900s. He repositions these “new” images and mirrors us, our time and our way of narating about ourselves.

Facing the challenge of decorating the blackboards Christian thought extra carefully and did not settle for a decorative chalk playing with information from the restaurant. He let his figurative world (found also on the paintings in Vassa Eggen’s dining room) in an easy way step out from the simple existence of the blackboard. We greet Saldert’s characteristic world with the loose and liquid volatility of the colors. A swarm of familiar figures from near and far welcome us and bid us farewell. We are met with reassuring want and man’s simple yet lovely relationship with encounters and people (or rather characters) surrounding our lives.

Contact: Jonas Kleerup/Galleri Kleerup